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smith and sinclair

Smith and Sinclair Cocktail Confectionary release bar-worthy boxes of their cocktail inspired sweets.

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Move over wine gums! We’re onto some new sweets that put your nan’s favourite to shame, as Smith and Sinclair release their cocktail flavoured pastilles that are inspired by classic boozy drinks.

Presented in a lovely little box with a colour co-ordinated menu, the new pastilles look a little like giant Rowntree’s with a much more grown up twist. Each sweet is covered in a flavoured sugar that sets the taste buds tingling, mixing with the jelly inside to create a burst of flavour from your favourite cocktail.

Made with real alcohol (eating all 6 would actually put you over the limit!), the tempting selection includes a gin and tonic: violet infused gin with a lemon sherbet coating, whisky sour with a tangy grapefruit exterior and a mixed berry daiquiri with rum and pink peppercorns.

Smith and Sinclair’s Cocktail Pastilles will be available at Harvey Nichols and

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smith and sinclair

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