Slow Cooking Recipes

slow cooking recipes

Crack out the Le Creuset, we’re taking it slow this winter with our favourite slow cooking recipes!
This super lazy and ultra delicious way of cooking guarantees incredible results every time. Whether you’re dusting off the tagine for some Middle Eastern inspiration or fancy diving into a good old fashioned stew, we’ve got you covered.
Here’s our top ten slow cooking recipes to warm your cockles this winter.
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What to See

slow cooking recipesSlow Cooked Beef Buns

What could be a better way to enjoy deliciously tender, melt in the mouth brisket than in a fat sandwich?! Smothered in smoky, chilli spiked sour cream, this is perfect for lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacktime, midnight… you get the idea.

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesPork With Apples and Cider

Sunday lunch doesn’t have to be roasted! Slow cooked in sweet cider with tangy apples, this fork tender pork is ready to be loaded onto your plate with roasties and crackling. Just don’t expect there to be any leftovers.

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesMasala Spiced Lamb Shanks

Saturday night curry just got kicked up a notch with Cyrus Todiwala’s slow cooked masala spiced lamb shanks. Cooked for hours in a rich, spicy sauce, the meat falls off the bone just by looking at it. Serve with naan bread and lots of cooling raita; you’ll never glance at a takeaway menu again!

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesSlow Cooked Squid with Chorizo

Contrary to popular belief, cooking squid outside of the frying pan will not make it rubbery! Low and slow is the key to this warming stew, packed with tender rings of squid and golden discs of chorizo. Crack out the crusty bread and a glass of vino, this is a meal to be enjoyed at leisure.

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesPersian Lamb Stew

Loaded with spices, juicy apricots and mouth wateringly tender lamb this Persian-inspired stew is the ultimate winter warmer. It’s easy to turn this slow cooked stew into a veritable feast, as it’s perfect with piles of fluffy couscous and a few Middle Eastern salads. Now that’s what we call a winner!

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesJamie Oliver’s Shepherd’s Pie

Made with super slow cooked lamb shoulder, this shepherds pie is like a hug in a mouthful, with meltingly tender meat, unbelievably rich gravy, and a potato crust that is on the top AND bottom of the dish. Carbs shmarbs, it’s incredible.

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesBeef Massaman Curry

Massamam curry is one of our favourite slow cooking recipes that is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. With sweeter spices like star anise, and lots of fiery chilli, this wonderfully different curry is not only delicious, but healthy too! Until you serve it with loads of flatbread, which of course you will, but we won’t tell if you don’t…

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesGoan Chicken and Chorizo Stew

As we all know, add chorizo to anything and it instantly becomes 4000x better. This wonderfully filling and deliciously comforting stew is packed with that glorious spicy Spanish sausage, as well as lots of tender chicken meat that falls off the bone at a touch.

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesRotisserie Chicken

Slow cooking isn’t all about stewing. Slow roasting is also a delicious way to get wondrously tender meat without all the liquid, as it bastes itself as it roasts. Made with loads of garlic and herbs, this French inspired rotisserie is the perfect thing to cook when you have a lot of guests coming over and don’t want to be bent over the stove all day!

Read full recipe here

slow cooking recipesVegetarian Tagine

Slow cooking does have a tendency to lean more towards the meaty side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hearty, slow cooked veggie dish as well! Although veggies aren’t cooked as long as their meaty counterparts (nobody likes mush) this wonderful Moroccan inspired stew cooks them to the point of delicious tenderness, in a spicy sauce just crying out for couscous.

Read full recipe here

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