The Shrub and Shutter

the shrub and shutter

Brixton’s newest boozer, the Shrub and Shutter, is shaking up some innovative cocktails.

Create our own cocktail with this delicious pomegranate margarita recipe. 

The humble cocktail has had a little bit of a kick up the backside in recent years, with magician-esque mixologists shaking up creative cocktails the likes of which we’d never even imagined. And this pioneering trend is set to keep on rising as the Shrub and Shutter opens in Brixton to bring South London a little taste of innovation.

With a bespoke menu of seasonal, inventive cocktails, this new bar is well on its way to becoming a drinking hotspot, combining joint owners Chris Edwards and Dave Tragenza’s 25 years of experience to create an incredibly stylish and inventive bar.

With a paired back food menu featuring fresh tartares, terrines and carpaccio’s, the Shrub and Shutter’s aim is to bring refreshing food to the table with the perfect cocktails to match – no need for a wine list here!

A few highlights from their lengthy cocktail list include the Brixton Buyers Club; a delicious mix of gin, pineapple, cardamom bitters and sage leaves served with a quirky pill box of pineapple pills and Parma ham crumbs, and a gentleman’s tipple of Georgetown Negroni made with charcoaled Campari and steel drum bitters. Cheers to that!

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the shrub and shutter

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