Shochu Kanteen

Shochu kanteen korean shredded lamb buns

Shochu Lounge gets ready to celebrate its 10th Anniversary with the launch of Shochu Kanteen.

Shochu kanteen korean shredded lamb bunsTucked below Roka on Oxford Street, Shochu Lounge is an intimate bar/restaurant with a killer new lunch menu – Shochu Kanteen. Take a seat at one of the low tables, or chill at the bar and dive into the fabulous Japanese inspired menu.

Octopus Croquettes (£5) were beautifully crisp fried balls of joy, covered in a tangy Japanese mayo. The soy ramen (£11) was light and fresh with a porky broth that felt very zen-like and the miso ramen (£11), which was my favourite, had much more depth, with a really salty, spicy flavour.

Behind the bar, a funky new Japanese wall mural takes centre stage and a table laden with salads and deserts sits just in front. It’s very causal and we were recommended to try the shredded Korean lamb buns (£7) by the guys at the bar.

Thank God we did as they were bloody amazing! Served with vinegary pickled cucumber, chilli sauce and thin whips of fried spring onions, the lamb buns were tarted up appropriately and tasted rich and spice heavy. They could have been more generous with the amount of lamb, but they were still delicious.

The dessert selection caught our eye and we had a wonderfully refreshing passion fruit chawaw mushi pot (£5), which was a creamy pudding on a biscuit base, a bit like a moussey cheesecake and a whoopingly wicked chocolate pot (£5). Not that Japanese I know, but whatever, it was decadent and intense and severed with a baggie of salted caramel crunch to make it even more delicious!

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