Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town

shark cage diving

The next few months are some of the most fabulous to be in South Africa. The weather is amazing and there is so much to see and do. If you are heading to Cape Town, as well as sun, sea, Table Mountain and some of the best plonk on the planet don’t forget the great white shark. These rather epic beasts live in the waters that surround this part of South Africa and it is simply amazing to see them up close and personal.

An early start and a boat ride kicks off the day. The guys set about preparing to engage with the magnificent fish by throwing in ‘slurry’ , a grim mix of mashed up fish bits and blood, into the sea and keeping the boat fairly still so as not alarm the sharks.

After several minutes the water started to ripple and we caught our first glimpse of a great white. It was incredible, and bloody massive. It came inquisitively out of the water to see what was going on and bobbed back down again.

More slurry was thrown in and a slightly garrotted tuna tail on a rope hurled into the ocean. Slowly we began to move trailing the tuna. The sharks came up for it with such ferocity that we jolted awake. We had been happily hanging over the side of a fairly low-sunk boat with cameras and phones everywhere. The sharks were mesmerising and terrifying all at once, deeply scarred on their faces and so powerful.

shark cage diving The boat chugged over to an outcrop of rocks that was home to lots of juicy seals (sorry seals I was now firmly in camp Great White). The aim was to settle here and lower the cage into the water. Sadly the water was too choppy and the cage scared off the sharks.

This was quite a strange concept. We had literally seen these massive brutes dive out of the water with such ferocity and rip apart the tuna, but the sound of the metal cage against the boat was unfamiliar to them and they scarpered fast.


Sharks are very inquisitive. They use their mouths as we would use our hands to touch things and figure them out. This makes for lots of breathtaking gnashing out of the water, right by the boat and if you are lucky you can even see them leap up to dine on an unsuspecting seal.

Cage or no cage this is one trip you must not miss out on.

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