Secret Santa Gift Ideas

secret santa gift ideas

Embrace your inner Christmas elf with our round-up of the best secret Santa gift ideas!
The office halls have been decked out in tacky tinsel, the annual debauch-fest that is your work Christmas party is just around the corner and crap… you still haven’t bought that secret Santa present for Kevin in Accounts!
Fear not! Because here at ETL we’ve got a Santa’s sack load of the perfect secret Santa gift ideas all for under £15. Which means you can spend more time planning how to finally get your office crush under the mistletoe. Merry Christmas to all!
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What to See

secret santa gift ideasMug

Hello… is it tea you’re looking for? If the answer’s yes, you can’t do much better than this tongue-in-cheek mug!

£11.25 Etsy

secret santa gift ideasMini Tabletop Tennis Game

This awesome tiny table-tennis kit will transform even the dullest desktop! And doubles up as an epic beer pong set up for when the boss’s away…

£10 Urban Outfitters

secret santa gift ideasTravel Kit

Perfect for the colleague always on the go, this sweet Cath Kidston kit contains shower gel, body lotion and hand cream.

£10 John Lewis

secret santa gift ideasAlphabet Candles

Add a personal touch to your secret Santa-ring with a cool monogrammed candle. They smell as good as they look!

£6.99 Not on the High Street

secret santa gift ideasRyan Gosling Colouring Book

Men want to be him, Women want to be with him! So who wouldn’t love this oh-so-hipster adult colouring book?

£7.50 Maiden

secret santa gift ideasLife Balance Planner

Help your scatter-brained co-worker get organised with this simple yet stylish planner.

£12 Anthropologie

secret santa gift ideasRidley’s Snakes and Ladders and Ludo

Transport the office stress-pot back to their chiller childhood with this classic kids game!

£14 Heals

secret santa gift ideasRetro Sweet Box

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this retro box of goodies!

£14.99 I Want One Of Those

secret santa gift ideasThe Wallet Ninja

The ideal gift for any jack the lad, this wallet ninja includes a can opener, screwdriver, phone stand and more!

£8.99 Firebox

secret santa gift ideasWorld’s Hottest Chilli Powders in a Matchbox

Can anyone in your office handle the heat of this fiery foursome? It’s time to find out!

£6 Not on the High Street

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