Sassafras Pop Up


Hop aboard the soul-food train because Sassafras is once again taking you on a one-way journey to the Deep South.

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Whether you’re a discerning London foodie or a worldly wanderer, at this pop-up restaurant your destination is always of the Cajun persuasion. Treated to a no-frills South American family affair, no sooner are you sat down at long communal tables – get friendly with your neighbours – than a heavy helping of rustic cuisine is dished up on large southern sharing plates. Channelling Louisiana home-stylings, at Sassafras diners are treated to a New Orleans-inspired menu where traditionally locally available ingredients are combined to create the most mouth-watering Mississippi morsels.

Always a three-pot affair, the night begins with baskets of the most flavoursome corn bread, just to get you in the mood. Washed down with a glass of crisp white wine, you’re ready for the main act; it’s something to be revered and it’s quite a sight. The Crawfish Boil is bursts of oranges and yellows and is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth. Patience pays off, and soon a generous serving of crawfish is passed down the table alongside juicy sweetcorn, potatoes and artichokes – or Andouille sausages for those searching for a second option.

Sassafras is a once a night – now and then – kind of dining experience sprinkled in seasoned cooking, where aromatic vegetables such as cayenne bell peppers combined with Paprika, thyme, file, parsley and green onions create quite a heady mix – especially when a good bottle of wine comes into play.

At every secret location, visitors can enjoy an easy, no pretense vibe where making new friends – and eating with your hands – is not only expected but encouraged. For the perfect sensory experience, match a cocktail with your meal.

 Keep an eye out for the next event here – Be ready because they book out fast.

Words by Jasmine Phull, a writer by day, an imbiber by night, sipping sours at the bar is all in a day’s work for our resident bar reviewer – @f_reshprince


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