San Shu Ramen

san shu ramen

Lucy Self checks out the limited edition San Shu Ramen which makes her happy as a pig in…

Read all about piggy experts Blackfoot here.  

san shu ramenElizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Brangelina… here at ETL, we love a perfect pairing. So imagine our utter glee when we got wind that Tonkotsu were teaming up with Blackfoot to make a three pork ramen. Yep you heard us right a THREE PORK RAMEN. (We got heart palpitations too.)

As any self-respecting noodle lover will know, Tonkotsu in Soho (and the Haggerston version Tonkotsu East) is one of London’s go to Japanese options for deeply-satisfying soups and delicious fried things doused in their (house made) chilli oil. As any pork fan worth their scratchings will be aware, Blackfoot is a restaurant on Exmouth Market specialising in all things piggy (co-owned by Allegra McEvedy and Tom Ward – best known for their involvement in Leon).

Put the two together and their love child was always going to be pretty bleedin’ beautiful and we can confirm the San-Shu Pork Ramen is indeed a glorious thing.

As we’ve come to expect from them, the noodles (lovingly crafted in Tonkotsu’s own machine) bounce from the bowl, the egg is aged and funky with flavour and the stock shimmers with liquid gold (also known as smelted fat from hours of bone simmering). Add three types of porker from Blackfoot – soft slices of rosy flesh, crisp nuggets of slow-smoked belly and tiny circles of pickled rhubarb to slice through the richness – and you have yourself a dish worth travelling across London for.

We sampled this limited edition ramen within Blackfoot’s mustard-painted walls (along with the Iberica Pressa – a marbled slab served pink which our dining companion described as ‘pig on steroids’) but it is also available at Tonkotsu.

There’s a neon sign at Blackfoot, which reads ‘Quick, Pork, Slow’. As this dish is only available until the end of the month, we suggest you ignore the slow part.

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