Sager and Wilde


A cool new East London haunt that’ll find fans in Hackney wine buffs and foodies

sager and wilde Husband and wife team Michael and Charlotte have come far since their pop-up bar in Old Street, as they take their idea of selling rare (and exquisite) wines by the glass to a now permanent location in Hackney. The pair bring their experience of working the vines in South Africa to offer the new breed of East Londoners, who know their vintages and want more than a glass of Bulmers after work, a suitable watering hole.

Sager and Wilde is decked out with vintage and reclaimed furniture lending it a laid-back yet very on-trend look with parquet flooring and exposed brick walls with a few more eclectic accents, such as lights from a Japanese supertanker and a bar resembling a glass pavement.

The bar provides a carefully selected wine menu of over thirty wines to be sold by the glass. The staff are well informed and passionate, so you’ll be offered an education while you drink – should you want it.

Their food menu takes a back seat with a simple array of cured meats, cheeses and pickles (and, one of our guilty pleasures, the grilled cheese sandwich). While you probably won’t find Shoreditch and Dalston Club kids here, Sager and Wilde is the perfect location for the growing number of discerning Hackneyites who require a full-bodied glass of red and a thoughtfully chosen cheese board of an evening.

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