Rogan Josh Curry Sauce – The Cheat Sheet

rogan josh curry sauce

We believe in cooking great food from scratch, but we also know that we don’t always have the inclination and getting good food on the table every evening sometimes necessitates a short cut.
So for the first of our regular cheat sheet roundups we’ve gone to a Kashmiri favourite, the spicy and rich rogan josh. There are quite a few curry sauces on the market, but our top pick sorts the brilliant from the bin-worthy.
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What to See

rogan josh curry The Spice Tailor Rustic Rogan Josh

This three-step sauce from one of our favourite chefs, Anjum Anand, takes the fuss out of blending spices and cooking a curry, without losing depth of flavour.

Using caramalised onions, ginger, garlic, fresh tomatoes and garam masala, this sauce is rich and decadent. Anjum’s top tip is to use a leg of lamb and slow cook for over an hour, so you can put it on and then put your feet up until it’s done, delightful!

The Spice Taylor £2.89 Waitrose

rogan josh Meena’s Tangy Rogan Josh

Meena’s sauces couldn’t be simpler. All the know-how from curry expert Meena Pathak bottled for you to take out of the cupboard and have a delicious curry ready in minutes.

This is a tomatoey sauce flavoured with garlic, coriander, ginger and cardamom, which was inspired by Meena’s travels in the Himalayas. This is a great one for feeding the family.

Meena’s £2.19 Sainsbury’s

rogan josh curry sauceHare’s Moor DIY Curry Kit Rogan Josh

Definitely a food kit rather than a ready-prepared sauce, the DIY Rogan Josh contains the spices, chillies, ginger and garlic to create the perfect rogan josh sauce. This is perfect for those starting out with curry creation, as it’s all in one handy little brown bag.

For speed add the ingredients to a blender then fry with meat or vegetables and add a can of chopped tomatoes. This is a great one for fresh, zingy flavours. And you can claim you cooked this one from scratch for added impress-your-mates kudos.

 Hare’s Moor £2.99 Ocado

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