Rick Stein’s India

rick stein india


Join Rick Stein on a journey to discover the true meaning of ‘curry’ in his sublime new book.

Rick Stein’s India is the accompanying book to the major new BBC TV series Rick Stein’s Indian Odyssey. The new show follows Rick as he travels across India to find the perfect curry. A man after our own heart, he has pulled out all the stops in this book with a delicious rojan Josh, dark red laal maas lamb curry, succulent tandoori fish, black daal and crunchy pakoras.

This latest book from Rick Stein sees him learn from traditional chefs, wonderful home cooks and exciting street vendors all across India to discover the secrets of traditional and modern Indian cooking. The book covers traditional recipes such as kormas and biryanis, as well as Rick’s own creations from his inspirational journey.

rick stein india

Rick Stein’s India published by BBC Books, £25

For more information http://www.rickstein.com

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