Recipes for a Good Time


Go gourmet rockabilly style with Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate’s Recipes for a Good Time.

Tuck in that shirt, turn up the collar and go-ape for Australia’s hottest rockabilly chefs as they bring their boss recipes into your kitchen.

Best mates Elvis and Ben opened up their first Sydney Kitchen ‘Bodega’ after becoming sick of the stuffy fine dining scene. They now have three restaurants and the cookbook takes their lead. There are some beautifully constructed dishes that take time and skill. This is definitely for cooks who are dedicated to a meal.

The chapters are defined by each of their restaurants; Bodega, Porteno and Gardel, each one with a totally different style of cooking. They’ve also got a guide to the perfect picnic, bbq and handmade specialities (ever fancied making your own chorizo?) all of which show their passion for seriously good food.

From Porteno, their bbq-centric restaurant, they’re cooking whole animals for the juiciest meat ever. But our favourite recipe from this chapter is the slightly smaller choice of barbequed bone marrow. It is an acquired taste, but the boys do it so right with a fresh chimichurri dressing and an accompanying lamb tartare. This is a lovely dish to serve as a mezze and should definitely be given a go if you’re looking to try something different.


Recipes for a Good Time, by Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate, Published by Murdoch Books

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