Quick and Easy meals for Midweek

We know that coming home from work after a long day means the last thing you want to be doing is pending hours over a hot stove. Well never fear, we’ve done a round up for some quick and easy meals for midweek so you’ll never be boiling over. 
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What to See

steak saladSteak Salad with Couscous

This delicious salad is super quick and healthy, using couscous as a side instead of starchy and time consuming potatoes. Cook the steak to your liking and serve immediately for a totally stress free midweek meal.

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chicken kebabsSpicy Indian Chicken Kebabs

These kebabs get all the flavour of a lusciously rich curry in a fraction of the time. Marinate them over night for a real intense flavour and they’ll be ready to fry up quickly whenever you are.

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lamb slidersLamb Sliders

These lamb sliders are a fantastic midweek meal because they’re both a quick and delicious alternative to the classic family favourite, burgers. These will be requested every week, guaranteed.

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grilled aubergineGrilled Aubergine and Red Peppers Salad

This great vegetarian dish is so quick and easy you’ll be cooking it every week! Serve with some grilled flatbreads and lemon spiked yogurt for a fantastic sharing dish that’s different and healthy.

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Calamari is a delicious squid dish that takes minutes to cook and is full of really interesting textures. This recipe is packed full of spice so you’ll never get bored of this as a midweek meal staple.

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quick and easy mealsPeking Duck Rolls

perhaps the favourite dish to order from the Chinese takeaway, Peking duck is a really fun and sociable dish that the whole family loves. This recipe wraps them in lettuce for an even healthier midweek meal.

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tuna steakGrilled Tuna Steak with Salsa Verde

Griddling is such a quick and delicious way of cooking meat and fish, as the intense heat creates charring that really boosts flavour fast. This tuna steak is served with a lovely refreshing salsa verde which will keep in the fridge for when you cook this again next week.

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