The QT Hotel, Sydney


Modern and historic styles collide at the beautiful QT Hotel, Sydney.

Built in two of Sydney’s historic buildings the Gowings department store and the State Theatre, the QT Hotel has a welcoming style that is at once modern yet keeping an eye on the past. The hotel is situated in the Sydney’s busy central business district, a great location for exploring the culture of Australia’s most famous city. From the moment you walk in, the hotel feels fresh yet classic, the lobby and lounges are designed with higgledy piggledy furniture and reclaimed odd bookshelves stacked haphazardly together.

The sprawling hotel houses 200 rooms, which are decorated eclectically with mixed pattern soft furnishings, leather, fur and wood panelled walls and in some cases glass cabinets referencing the building’s department store past and bowler hats acting as lampshades. The building’s history is once again noded to in the bar, which holds elegant and historic glass cabinets showcasing fashions from days gone buy, bringing the room up to date with mid-20th century furniture and a bright mismatching colour palette.

The Gowings Bar and Grill offers steaks and chops cooked on the grill, and seafood and suckling pig cooked in wood-fired oven. The relaxed dinning room has wooden floors, monochrome plates fixed to the walls, hanging brass pendant lights and simple relaxed tables and chairs. With a late-night lounge and onsite spa, this is a romantic and unique city escape, which will immerse you in the city’s history in modern luxurious style.

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