Q Grill Restaurant Camden

q grill restaurant camden

Things are hotting up in Camden with the opening of new BBQ joint Q Grill.

q grillThe BBQ trend that has taken London by storm is showing no signs of going up in smoke any time soon and Q Grill is the latest addition to this growing scene.

Q Grill was decked-out floor to ceiling in exposed wood and monochrome artwork, with massive booths, rock and roll blaring out and a really cool bar that was perfect for grabbing a bite and plenty of booze.

We dived into a Rebel cocktail, a kind of pineapple based woo woo, before hitting up a booth for dinner. Separated into counter (to order at the bar), salads, mains, grills and sides, the menu had a lot of choice for hungry BBQ fans.

Deciding to get right down to it we ordered the Q Burger, a juicy beast that was charred and smoky flavour. Unfortunately the cheese slid off the burger, but other than that it held form and the accompanying fries were everything they needed to be.

We also had a half pit smoked chicken, which had a delicious herby flavour on the skin with a slight spice, but leaned slightly towards the dry side. Fortunately this BBQ bird was saved by the joyous side of creamed corn, a bowl of sweet and spicy corn riddled with pungent garlic and with a lovely texture.

With BBQ joints popping up left right and centre, newbies need to have a really strong point of difference to stand out from the crowd. For us Q Grill wasn’t quite there yet, but it was a really fun restaurant and we hope over time they will turn up their BBQ a few notches.

For more information visit q-grill.co.uk

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