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q grill

Grace Parry injected a little smoke into her Saturday brunch at Q Grill. Find out what she thought here.

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q grillIf there’s anything trendier than BBQ at the moment in London then it’s brunch! And now Camden’s very own answer to the BBQ joint – Q Grill – is jumping on board this foodie craze with it’s own special weekend brunch menu serving up smoke infused classics alongside literally litres of Bloody Marys.

Q Grill is Des McDonald’s answer to the BBQ craze that has swept the capital in recent years. The restaurant itself is a rather charming blend of rustic American decked out in un-polished wood from floor to ceiling, and quirky North London touches like black and white monochrome prints and industrial features round every corner.

Brunch at Q Grill offers diners the option to get gorging on unlimited plates of their ‘continental’ selection (£12.50) featuring lots of luscious meats and cheeses, as well as choosing from the selective menu of brunch classics. There are also pitchers of breakfast inspired cocktails and a make your own Bloody Mary bar brimming with hair of the dog treats.

Feeling adamant that we ought to be ladies that brunch we decided upon the menu option, perusing the lovingly created selection over a few glasses (make that pitchers) of a gin cobbler sprinkled with handfuls of fresh red berries.

One side of the table decided to be healthy with their brunch option (I assure you it wasn’t me) so decided on the fried duck egg with tender stem broccoli and wild mushrooms. The wobbling sun yellow yolk of the egg nestled nicely amongst the lush green broccoli and earthy mushrooms, creating a plate that was as pretty as it was delicious, with everything perfectly cooked and seasoned.

For myself anything I chose would definitely not be contributing to my 5 a day, so I went for the Eggs Royale, a super slick version of eggs benedict that replaces the ham with a mound of house smoked salmon.

First off I must commend Q Grill on their salmon, this hot smoked fish was flaky and full of earthy, smoky flavour. Add this to a fluffy toasted English muffin, top with a perfectly poached egg and a blanket of silky, tangy hollandaise and you’ve got the ultimate brunch dish. It was the best brunch I’ve ever had and I’m not afraid to admit it, Q Grill is smokin!

Q Grill 29-33 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AJ

For more information visit q-grill.co.uk


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