Grace Parry tucked into whisky sours and off menu steaks, at the extravagant new Pavilion restaurant in Kensington.

Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen with these gorgeous fine dining sets.

pavilionTo go from the Michelin starred Restaurant at Danesfield House in Marlow to the heart of Kensington is certainly a big move, but that’s exactly what chef Adam Simmonds has done as he gets to work in the kitchen of the incredible new restaurant Pavilion.

Set within an exclusive business members club with its own offices, funky lounges and private meeting rooms, Pavilion’s restaurant occupies a huge space on Kensington High Street, with art deco design and modern flair seeping from every corner. The restaurant includes a florist, deli counter, an open plan kitchen and a jaw dropping bar with enough marble to make the Acropolis look positively paired back.

The massive square pewter bar takes centre stage, dripping in coppers, golds and silvers.  Lemon yellow stools surround the bar, which is set for the ultimate boozy diner, within arms reach of the bartenders incredible whiskey sours.

Chic tables with simple silver settings surround the bar, the perfect place to peruse the sophisticated menu that Adam has carefully crafted to show off quality ingredients in their purest form.  Each dish on this contemporary menu is centred around one main component, with a few extras added to complete the picture.

We started off with the ‘Quail’, a dish that turned out to be just pink, roasted quail breast, on a bed of deliciously crunchy sunflower seed granola, served with crispy shallot rings and a slightly overpowering shallot puree. The textures were simply perfect, but the over-whelming flavour of the shallots was slightly too much for this delicate game bird.

The ‘Salmon and Crab’ was a spectrum of coral pink on a plate, with delicate wafers of intense gravalax that zinged with dill and little blobs of sweet crab meat dotted around the salmon. It was a taste of the sea refined, undoubtedly our favourite dish of the evening.

For mains came the ‘Cod’, a paired back Spanish inspired dish of lightly spiced fish a-top braised beans and morels, with a nutty wedge of charred cabbage and a cube of slightly chewy pork belly. The dish was finished with a salty ham broth that was poured over the fish at the table and bound everything together wonderfully.

An off menu surprise was the rib eye steak, served with perfectly executed beef dripping chips and a lightly dressed lemony  salad. The simplicity of this dish was what made it so special. The meat was cooked to juicy medium-rare perfection, with an oozing shinbone of gooey, breadcrumb-topped marrow adding a touch of luxury to the plate.

Desserts too focus on one seasonal ingredient, and the two we tried were delightfully refreshing. ‘Apple’ was a mouth-wateringly delicious trio of apple sorbet, apple mousse and apple jelly, whilst the yoghurt pannacotta with raspberries was a dome of just set creamy yoghurt swimming in thin raspberry soup, with a quenelle of sharp raspberry sorbet sitting neatly on the side and a scattering of crunchy pistachios on top.

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