Pasta Sauce – The Cheat Sheet

pasta sauce

Sometimes there’s no better quick fix than a big bowl of pasta smothered in a delicious sauce. But let’s face it, standing there chopping, softening and reducing hardly goes hand in hand with that meals in a minute ethos.

Thankfully there are some delicious options in the supermarkets that will transport you to Italy in a mouthful without any of the hard work. Here’s our cheat sheet for pasta sauce.


Napoletana is perhaps the most classic pasta sauce out there. It may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver on all those big flavours we know and love. This one is packed with sweet cherry tomatoes and loads of fragrant basil.

£2.00 Waitrose 

Tomato and Mascarpone

For a little bit of decadence fast this pasta sauce is perfect. The mascarpone makes the sauce unbelievably creamy, whilst the tomatoes lend a delicious tang. We can’t get enough of this sauce with soft pork meatballs generously piled onto spaghetti.

£1.80 Tesco 

Yellow Datterino Tomato and Chilli

A bit different but utterly delicious this yellow tomato sauce looks like sunshine in a bowl. The yellow tomato has a slightly sweeter note than its red cousin, which is lifted by the fiery addition of chilli.

£3.65 Ocado 

pasta sauce
pasta sauce
pasta sauce

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