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Gone are the days of weak, wishy-washy cups of Joe, coffee lovers have voted with their mugs and seemingly they want the good stuff. They want coffee that hasn’t been sitting on supermarket shelves for months on end, they want coffee from a single origin and they want it all to be easily accessible. Enter Pact Coffee, a coffee subscription service that’ll post you a pouch of freshly roasted and ground coffee tailored to your own specifications.

Pact is a London-based coffee subscription service, once you’re signed up you can choose your beans, how you want your coffee ground and in a couple of days your coffee will come flying through the front door with your gas bill. The company was founded by entrepreneur Stephen Rappoport and he now runs it alongside Nick (the coffee aficionado), Stephane, James and Jo, who are here to answer the early morning dilemma of how to get really great, fresh coffee without leaving the house – without getting out of your pyjamas even.

The guys have sourced some incredible beans from small-batch green coffee growers in Colombia, Brazil and El Salvador among other places. The green beans are hand picked and sent over to the UK where Pact then roast the coffee in south west London. Drinkers receive their coffee within seven days of roasting – that’s fresh, compared with supermarkets where it could be up to 18 months. The coffee they sell is tasted every day to make sure it is shipped when it tastes at its absolute finest.

The company pays their farmers two-four times the Fairtrade rate for their coffee, ensuring that they take stock of the highest quality beans, which is reflected in the finished product – just opening one of the little zip lock packets rouses the senses.

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