Outdoor Cooking Made Easy

outdoor cooking

Summer is in full swing and we are finally feeling the heat. It is the perfect time to get the BBQ on, light that wood stove and get the neighbours over for a fabulous outdoor feast.
We have picked the best utensils to make outdoor cooking a breeze so you can get creative in the great outdoors.
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What to See

white company trays Lacquer Trays

Chic and simple, white trays, with easy to carry handles that are perfect to navigate out to the garden. They are really deep, so carrying big bowls full of dinner or lots of full glasses is super easy.

Nesting lacquer trays £65 The White Company


Garden Trading Tap water bottle £3.50Water Bottle

A wonderful-looking water bottle to keep you refreshed whilst you cook up a storm at the barbie.

Glass Bottle £3.50 Garden Trading


oil can Oil Can

This beautiful oil can is perfect for drizzling olive oil over juicy steaks or simply dressing a wonderful green salad at the table.

Oil Can £20.00 John Lewis

tongs Tongs

An essential for most cooking, but especially outdoor cooking! They are perfect for barbecuing, grilling and serving. These sturdy tongs are MSK’s favourite.

Tongs £28 Heals

herb garden Herb Garden

Any cooking should involve some sort of herb, especially summer cooking. This beautiful herb garden comes with a selection of herbs including basil and tarragon, and built in scissors, so you can snip your herbs into salads, marinades and rubs with ease.

Herb Garden £34.96 Made in Design

habitat serving platesLarge Serving Dishes

MSK loves these huge serving dishes. They are ideal to fill with fabulous food and pass round the table so everyone can get stuck in.

Dani white serving bowl £12 Habitat

garden flaresGarden Torch

Make sure your cooking and eating spaces are visible with these fabulous garden flares. They are the best way to light up any garden.

Orchos Garden Torch £31.50 Ambient Direct 

 bowlsDenby Bowls

Deep bowls that can be held in one hand are the best for lots of people to eat, so you can fill them up and tuck in standing anywhere.

Denby bowls £25.80 House of Fraser

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