Best Vegetarian Recipes

best vegetarian recipes

With Meat Free March upon us there’s no better time to cut back on your carnivorous side and delve into the wonderful world of veggies.
There are some delicious recipes out there packed full of fresh flavours that make for a perfect lunch or dinner, and are guaranteed to be just as satisfying as your normal meat filled diet. Take a look at our guide to the top 10 best vegetarian recipes.

What to See

best vegetarian recipesPumpkin, Chilli and Lentil Salad

This bright and spicy salad has a moreish sweetness from the pumpkin, a nutty flavour from the filling lentils and a fruity spice from the fresh red chillies. This is perfect for lunch or dinner served with coriander yoghurt.

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best vegetarian recipesRoasted Cauliflower Salad

If you think cauliflower is all steamed and boiled then think again! Roasting this delicious and healthy vegetable creates a delicious char that makes the dish wonderfully nutty, and the saffron current dressing adds a lovely sweetness.

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best vegetarian recipesAloo Gobi

We can’t believe that aloo gobi is so often condemned to the side dish list on many an Indian menu, as it is deliciously spicy and wonderfully filling from the tender and fluffy potatoes.

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best vegetarian recipesGrilled Aubergine and Red Pepper Salad

Aubergines and peppers are a perfect match, as the sweet pepper has a spice that compliments the firm and creamy aubergine as it chars and gets deliciously nutty. This dish is perfect done on a BBQ for the maximum smoke factor.

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best vegetarian recipesMexican Winter Salad

Salad doesn’t have to be a load of chopped veg and maybe a little dressing. This Mexican variety is packed with sweet popping pomegranate seeds, crispy torn up tortillas and wafer thin slices of peppery radish. Crumbly creamy feta cheese over the top for one seriously styled out salad!

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best vegetarian recipes Spiced Halloumi with Tomato Salad

This gorgeous recipe for halloumi is coated in wonderful spices that counter act the saltiness of the cheese perfectly and the accompanying tomato salad cuts through the richness and creates a fantastically balanced dish. Not all halloumi is vegetarian, so watch out for the ingredients on the pack when you buy it.

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best vegetarian recipesTarator and Falafel Wrap

Falafel is traditionally made with chick-peas, which are hailed for their nutty flavour and filling factor. The smooth and tangy tarator compliment’s the fluffy falafel wonderfully, all that’s needed is a crispy flatbread and this wrap is ready to go!

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best vegetarian recipesSpicy Butternut Squash with Tomatoes and Capered Yoghurt

Roasting butternut squash is the perfect way to get its natural sweetness to shine. This recipe coats the squash in warming spices, and the lovely soft tomatoes create a jammy sauce that adds a fantastic gooey texture.

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best vegetarian recipesChanna Masala

Chick peas are the perfect ingredient for curry as they absorb all of those delicious spicy flavours. This channa masala is the perfect thing to whip up one evening and indulge with loads of yoghurt and a warm garlic naan bread.

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best vegetarian recipesSpiced Feta

Us Brits really don’t appreciate feta as much as we should. This gorgeous crumbly cheese is decadently creamy, packs a serious salty punch and has a tang that makes it very moreish. This spiced version is preserved in smooth olive oil making it perfect for mezze with warmed pitta breads.

Read full recipe here 

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