Old Tom and English

old tom and english

We’re all over the retro vibes and aged gins at the Old Tom and English.

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Deep Below the streets of Soho, we have discovered a new drinking den. Ring the bell and enter through the old wooden door, where you will be greeted and taken down to the bar of the Old Tom and English.

Cosy up for an intimate dinner of small plates, including confit smoked guinea fowl with anchovy mayo, egg and mushrooms on toast, braised cider pigs cheeks and fried popcorn cockles.

Chill by the fireplace and enjoy vintage cocktails and barrel aged gins, served in classic glassware and opulent decanters.

The retro interiors transport you to a glamorous 1960’s inspired cocktail lounge, with wooden walls and a marble centrepiece. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to settle into, just make sure that you book as this place is reservations only.

Old Tom and English , 187b Wardour Street London

For more information visit oldtomandenglish.com

old tom and english

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