Northern Lights Holiday

We take a look at an attraction everyone should experience once in their lives, this month the winter phenomena the Aurora Borealis, as we take a look at a Northern Lights holiday.

Forget laser shows and even fireworks you haven’t experienced anywhere near luminary brilliance until you’ve gazed up at the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights.

The dazzling natural spectacle occurs when energetic charged particles collide with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere, typically in what is known as the auroral zones around the Arctic and Antarctic. It is therefore seen in northern European countries close to the Arctic, such as Norway and Iceland, and the result is usually a fluorescent green illumination drifting in diaphanous wisps across the sky. It’s easy to see why in times past these colourful brushstrokes were seen as signs from the gods.

You can view the lights from late autumn until early spring and the most advantageous spots can be found in Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle. The Northern lights belt in this area stretches from the Lofoten Islands up to the North Cape. The driest weather will offer clearer skies, however, there are no guarantees, for some reason sometimes the lights are elusive and stay away for weeks.

Norway offers a host of activities through which to enjoy the painted night sky. Try watching them from the deck of a ship, from a snowmobile tour or even a dogsled pulled by huskies. With beauty as magnificent as this occurring every year throughout the winter, you don’t always need to visit manmade attractions – Mother Nature does it so much more exuberantly.

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