New Food Products

new food products

At Eat Travel Live we’re always on the lookout for exciting new food products. Here are some that have caught our eye recently.
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What to See

new food productsGalvanina

These bubbly spring drinks are the perfect way to celebrate the coming of summer. Galvanina uses fresh juice in all their sparkling drinks, including tart Sicilian lemon and a sharp grapefruit, making them deliciously sweet and refreshing. Oh, and did we mention the ultra cool retro bottles they come in? Added bonuses don’t get much cooler!

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new food productsNature’s Path Granola Bars

For a quick boost of energy nature’s path has you covered with their gluten free granola bars. We loved their chocolate option, loaded with chunks of dark chocolate in a sticky honey soaked bar. Much nicer than a slice of dry toast in our opinion!

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new food productsSweet Freedom Choc Shot

The days of lumpy hot chocolate are over with Sweet Freedom’s new choc shot. This rich chocolate syrup is gluten free and vegan friendly, making it the perfect sweet tooth fix for all diets. We love it in a smooth hot chocolate, but it’s also great drizzled on desserts.

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new food productsHastings Original Lemon Ketchup

Ketchup’s not just for tomatoes you know! Hasting’s Original have totally revamped this classic condiment by changing its main ingredient to tangy lemons. The result is a sharp sauce with loads of spicy flavour, which is perfect added to simple grilled chicken or fish.

new food products The Collective Dairy Yoghurt Mousse

Yoghurt is the perfect summer dessert as it’s sweet and creamy with half the calories of a cream based pudding. The Collective Company have taken this idea in both hands and have created a light yoghurt mousse, whipped and airy with a rich fruit compote to make the perfect snack or sweet treat.

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new food productsBis Bas Sauces

Bis Bas sauces are unlike any cooking sauce you’ve tried before. These delicious Arabian sauces are packed with fragrant spices and fresh ingredients and are totally gluten free! We love their spinach and coriander sauce (saba), a symphony of green in a bottle packed full of delicious rich flavour and loads of nutrient rich iron.

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