Necker Island


The ultimate in luxurious fantasy escapes, a trip to Richard Branson’s private island might not be achievable for all of us, oh but we can dream…

Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, Richard Branson’s very own private island, is one of the most stunning places on earth and we would bite off our left arm to get an invite to the exclusive paradise.

Resembling Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island, Necker is covered in thick foliage ensconcing a large building at the top known as the Great House. This has bedrooms, terraces and acres of space and is unapologetically grandiose. There are also six unique Bali Houses among the jungle slopes and beachfront for undisturbed seclusion away from the handful of people you might find yourself sharing the island with. There are private plunge pools and intimate coves for romantic gettaways. Island style décor is luxurious yet in keeping with the tropical location. The Beach Pavillion is the heart of the action covering 3,800 sq feet it houses a cinema, bar, entertainment area, tennis courts and lounging areas, plus a dining table that seats 40 people.


Stays at Necker are all inclusive, as they should be, and you can be treated to fine dining from exceptional chefs and Champagne. Even better dining formalities can be tailored to your whim, whether you’d like a themed dinner or even reclining in the beautiful white sands.

So, if you do have a spare million knocking about you might want to take a trip to Necker, if like the rest of us this is but a pipedream, lose yourself in these sensational pictures for a few minutes.

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