Mulled Wine – The Cheat Sheet

mulled wine

Mulled wine is the ultimate festive drink. Warming and boozy with intense spicy flavours, we like nothing better than kicking back with a steaming glass of this traditional tipple and an indulgent mince pie.

Buying around 5 different spices that you probably won’t use till next year seems a bit silly when there are loads of easy options out there that taste just as good. Here’s our cheat sheet for mulled wine.

Click here for a recipe for mulled wine

Mulled Wine Spices

These pre-prepared bags of spice are perfect for Christmas parties. All you need to do is drop them into a pan of warming wine and let them infuse, leaving you loads of time with your guests, not your stove!

£2.49 Waitrose 

Glogg Mix

Glogg is the name for Scandinavian mulled wine, and it’s full of really intense spices that make this classic drink so special. Just drop in these spices into red wine and simmer to let all the fragrant ingredients work their magic. This one is so good, we advise you enjoy it alone!

£2.90 Ocado

Premium Mulled Wine

We love this mulled wine that does all the hard work for you because… well, what more is there to say! Just open and heat for a lovely warming festive drink that tastes just as good as home made. If you want to get a bit fancy add a cinnamon stick for a stirrer.

£4.49 Tesco 

mulled wine
mulled wine
mulled wine

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