MSK’s Best Supermarket Buys

best supermarket buys

Each week Mighty Spice Kitchen will be bringing you our best supermarket buys, scouring the shelves so that you don’t have to! We are all about making cooking super fun and easy so we hope our suggestions will inspire you when you next go to the supermarket.

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Meli Meli Tomatoes

Liven up your summer salads with these awesome mixed red and yellow Meli Melo tomatoes. Sweet and juicy they  scream summer.

Tesco Finest Meli Melo Tomatoes £2.00 from Tesco

Roasted Aubergine Imam

Soft roasted aubergines in a thick smokey tomato sauce, in a jar! Yes, all you have to do is open and eat. They taste fantastic with bread or on the side of grilled lamb chops.

Odysea Roasted aubergines Imam £2.49 from Sainsbury’s

Beautiful Picked Crab

Crab is so summery and light, but prepping it is not quite so breezy. This fantastic picked crab is amazing; chuck it into salads, add to eggs or mix with potatoes to make crab cakes.

Seafood and Eat It Handpicked White Cornish Crab £4.99 from Waitrose

supermarket best picks
supermarket best picks
supermarket best picks

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