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Have you been having palavers with pavlovas? Well worry not! The Meringue Girls Cookbook have all your whipping-woes sorted in their egg-streme new book (sorry!)

Move over macaroons! Meringues are the new kids on the block; light and airy and easily tricked out, there’re the trendy new treat everyone wants to get their hands on. But how can you get the most out of the humble meringue? The Meringue Girls are here to show you exactly how, as they’ve sprung into action from their East London home.

The new cookbook is packed full of colourful, crazy, indulgent desserts that are all based on their recipe for the most perfect meringue. This step by step guide creates the canvas on which to get creative with their recipes, coming in the forms of kisses (tiny meringues coloured and flavoured), summery desserts, winter desserts, gift ideas and what to do with those rejected yolks. They take the basic meringue and flavour them with everything under the sun to make their kisses and from there you move on to some truly fabulous deserts.

For a real showstopper they have a pavlova to rival the rainbow, layers upon layers of brightly coloured meringue sandwiched with cream, it’s great for any party for those with a serious sweet tooth. Add a twist of Meringue Girls magic to the classic Eton mess, with cointreau soaked clementines dotted around those lovely little kisses and lots of cream.

This funky cookbook has been whipping up a frenzy here at MSK, so get your copy and get cracking!

meringue girls

The Meringue Girls Cookbook by Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman, Published by Square Peg

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