Masterchef The Finalists


The heat is on with the new MasterChef cookbook from the series 9 finalists.

The nation watched on the edge of their seats as the three finalists worked their oven-gloves off to be crowned MasterChef champion, which produced some show-stopping dishes that left us drooling.

Winner Natalie Coleman and semi-finalists Larkin Cen and Dale Williams have chosen their favourite recipes from the show, along with some brand new ones for the latest MasterChef cookbook. The recipes are designed to bring the MasterChef experience into your kitchen; they are technical and the dishes elaborate, but they have been put together to compliment each other perfectly and look like works of art.

These are truly knock-out recipes, we can’t image many of you will come in from work and start up the water bath, but when you have more time and guests to impress these recipes will knock everyone’s socks off.

The book includes Natalie’s signature dish from the show sea bass, crab and fennel bonbons, petite and delicate but full of flavour, they show off some serious skill if pulled of properly. Larkin has an awesome guinea fowl on a bed of lobster risotto for a rich and luxurious main and rounded off with Dale’s beignets soufflés with hazelnut and chocolate sauce for the ultimate culinary sensation. Let’s get cooking!

masterchef the finalists

Masterchef the Finalists by Natalie Coleman, Larkin Cen and Dale Williams, published by Absolute Press

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