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Grace Parry loved the fabulous fresh food delivered straight to her door from Marley Spoon.
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When January rolls around and multiple photos of juices and kale start to clog up your news feed, eating healthy can seem quite full on. This year I decided to give it a go, so I signed up to Marley Spoon, a new home delivery service that promises heathy uncomplicated food, delivered straight to your door.

Their website is thankfully fuss free, with a weekly changing menu laid out with tantalising photographs of each dish and the ingredients that will be delivered, as well as cooking times and all the nutritional info.

The first meal arrived on a Friday afternoon. Pork fillet with a pear and lentil ‘medley’ for two. The box included everything I needed, including a handsome looking vac-packed pork fillet, puy lentils, a small pear, rocket, spices, coconut milk and a stock cube. It was fantasic. The same was true of the second meal, rainbow trout with creamy parsnips and vibrant salad.


I decided to let my partner cook the pork, curious to see how a comparative amateur would cope with the recipe. He commented that he liked the layout of the recipe. It was clear and concise, with a picture that gave him an idea of what it was meant to look like.

He ferreted away leaving me to drink a glass of vino and half an hour later and I was presented with delicious creamy coconut lentils, a nicely dressed rocket salad and slightly underdone pork. Marley Spoon instructs that the pork be browned in a pan then be transferred to the oven for 10-15 minutes. However the fillet was quite large, and in my opinion required an extra 5-10 minutes roasting. When cooked, the dish was balanced in flavour and really rather delightful.

I tackled the trout, finding it easy to cook with a fresh fennel, red onion and parsley salad and a sweet parsnip puree. Again the end result was tasty and healthy. I think it’s fair to say that they do indeed deliver!

Meals for two are priced varyingly, starting at £9.00 for members.

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