Maricel Presilla – Gran Cocina Latina

maricel presilla

Gran Cocina Latina is the new bible for Latin American food by Maricel Presilla.

The epic cookbook from Maricel Presilla is a culmination of 30 years research and contains more than 500 recipes, ranging from empanadas and tamales to salads, ceviches and desserts, from every country from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking Americas.

Maricel guides you through the process of cooking fabulous Latin food starting with having the correct utensils, to knowing the in’s and out’s of the markets.

There is something very nostalgic about this book and with all the tips and references you really feel like you are inheriting a vast wealth of knowledge.

The book is split down into different ingredients and dishes, everything from salads and breads, to little Latin dishes are covered and a whole chapter on table condiments.

For Maricel’s Shrimp Ceviche recipe click here

maricel presilla

Gran Cocina Latina by Maricel Presilla published by W.W. Norton and Co.

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