How to make gravy

how to make gravy

Ahhh Bist-NO! Get rid of the granules this Christmas, we’ve got the perfect tips to getting the best home-made gravy possible.
It may look a bit rustic, but it will have unbeatable flavour that will have everybody licking their plates clean. Here’s how to make gravy for a cracking Christmas lunch.
Serve that gravy with this ultimate roast turkey recipe. 

1: Line the pan/ roasting tray you’ll be cooking the meat in with veggies: placing onions, garlic, carrots and celery under the meat creates a fantastic caramalisation at the bottom of the pan. Not only does this create unbeatable flavour, but its great for a rich dark colour too.

2: When everything’s roasted together and ready to go remove all the big chunks of veggies and drain off all the fat in the pan. The flavour will still be there and nobody wants greasy gravy!

3: Add a few teaspoons of flour to your scraps at the bottom of the pan and stir as if you’re making a roux. This creates much smoother gravy, so make sure you mix it really well.

4: Wine time! For a big meal like Christmas its gotta be red, so make sure your guests haven’t squaffed the lot before gravy time… Pour in a good amount (half a bottle is about right if you’re serving 4-6) and cook it off until reduced by half. Not only does this intensify the flavour it also thickens everything beautifully.

how to make gravy

5: Nearly there now. It’s time to add stock, chicken being the best to go with turkey. Try to get the best quality stock you can, homemade being even better, then pour it into the wine reduction. Stir to combine and reduce again for thick and flavoursome gravy. If it all gets a little too thick a splash of hot water loosens everything nicely.

6: Strain your gravy through a fine sieve into a saucepan to catch any unwanted lumps. Once it’s all drained through return to the heat just to make sure everything’s piping hot.

7: Serve! You can add a few finely chopped herbs if you want to, but if you like your gravy naked then just season with a pinch of salt and pepper then it’s all ready to go. Merry Christmas indeed!

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