Luxury Camping – Sujan, India


Experience the wilder side of India in style with the opening of Sujan’s luxury camping in the Thar dessert and Ranthambhore National Park.

Sujan’s two exquisite tented camps have officially opened for the season. Guests can enjoy ultimate luxury whilst indulging in India’s authentic natural beauty, marvelling at the tigers in Ranthambhore or relaxing in the lap of luxury outside the desert town of Jaisalmier.

Sher Bagh is the original camp in Ranthambhore National Park, where guests can enjoy the stunning historical landscape, a trip to ancient ramparts of Ranthambhore Fort and hopefully a glimpse of the Tigers in the nearby reserve.

The camp boasts 12 luxurious canvas tents, expertly designed in an Edwardian style to reflect the glorious days of the Raj. The communal areas and beautiful pool combine to make this the perfect place to unwind after a day in the reserve. Gin and tonics around a roaring fire and delicious food, which perfectly combines western flavours with traditional Indian cuisine, make for the ultimate end of the day.


For those who are more into complete relaxation the Serai camp, situated near the wonderful medieval town of Jaisalmer is ideal. 21 luxury tents, with a magnificent spa and pool combine for the ultimate chilled break. The tents are fabulous, with huge beds and sitting rooms to soak up the magnificent scenery. Six of the tents have their own private garden and a sunken pool for a more intimate stay.

Once you have fully unwound, you can take a jeep, or the more local option of a camel, to explore Jaisalmer and the surrounding dessert. A night trip to see the stars is a must.

These wonderfully unique camping experiences are a fantastic winter getaway. They will take you off the tourist trail and guarantee that you fall in love with India.

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