Love Your Lunchbox by James Ramsden

Love Your Lunchbox by James Ramsden

Lunchtime just got a serious make over with James Ramsden’s new cookbook ‘Love Your Lunchbox’.

Pimp your sandwich with our top 10 sandwich recipes. 

We’re all guilty of resulting to the same dry sandwich when lunchtime rolls around, but let’s face it, when you get home from a long day at work it can be hard to come across some lunchbox inspiration. Enter James Ramsden who is on mission to make lunchtime exciting again with his new cookbook ‘Love Your Lunchbox’.

Okay, we admit that some of the dishes in this book may not be entirely practical to haul through morning rush hour, but we see no problem with cooking up a few of these gorgeous recipes on the weekend instead!

With chapters dedicated to weekend loose ends (aka Sunday roast leftovers!), super noodles, things on toast, cockle warmers, sandwiches, frugal and summer lunches you might never touch a meal deal again.

The cookbook contains a wide variety of cuisines, from Thai to Indian and Chinese, and each recipe comes with instructions for cooking at home, packing in your lunch box and finishing it off at work.

We’ll be making room in our briefcase for the pea, spring onion and gruyere frittata, served cold with a salad on a warm day. Or for a weekend treat get cooking James’ wheat noodles with pork belly. Tender meat in a rich broth topped with a gooey soft boiled egg, whoar!!

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Love Your Lunchbox by James Ramsden

Published by Pavilion Books

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