Lobsterfest Hits Belgo London

Belgo Centraal

Whole Lobster #6The famed annual Lobsterfest at Belgo London launched on the 4th of July, and will continue through until the end of August.

Belgo’s yearly Lobsterfest kicked off yesterday, with the introduction of three new and totally sublime dishes, made using sustainably sourced lobster from pots off the Nova Scotia coast. Belgo will donate £1 from each dish sold to the National Lobster hatchery and their admirable ‘buy one set one free’ initiative, which aims to protect vulnerable and endangered lobster populations to conserve marine biodiversity and sea stocks. Great food for a good cause? We’re sold.

The Menu includes a luxury lobster cocktail (£9.95), a fun nod to the 80’s classic, complete with half a lobster, a perfectly balanced salad, and a light lemon dressing- not a globule of pink mayo in sight! Belgo is also serving the lean yet very filling whole lobster salad (£17.95) with sugar snaps and chicory, and the gargantuan Lobzilla (£19.95), a whole grilled lobster served with frites, salad, aioli and lobster crackers.

The dishes are recommended by Belgo’s resident master of beer to be served with the delicately herby Blanche de Bruxelles (£4.20) with hints of bitter orange peel, which compliments the lobster perfectly, and the history of which is absolutely fascinating, should you care to ask!

For more information visit belgo-restaurants.co.uk

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