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lima floral

The Peruvian food masters behind the acclaimed LIMA London are up to their old foodie tricks as they open their second venture LIMA Floral in Covent Garden.

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lima floralYou may have already heard of LIMA London, the incredible restaurant from chef Virgilio Martinez and his partners Gabirel and Jose Luiz Gonzalez that caught the world’s attention as the first Peruvian restaurant in Europe to gain a Michelin star.

Well get ready to hear a lot more about this foodie trio, as they’re branching out from their not-so-humble beginnings to bring London a second instalment of their unique Peruvian cuisine, this time setting up shop in Covent Garden with the new bar and restaurant LIMA Floral.

LIMA Floral is set to introduce new ingredients and dishes to the UK in a casual yet buzzing atmosphere, following its older brothers footsteps along the path of bringing London a real taste of Peruvian food, culture and history. Don’t go expecting a LIMA chain however, Floral has been designed to be an evolution on the original restaurant rather than a copy.

Split into a restaurant and bar, Lima Floral will feature bright and bubbly decorations straight out of a Peruvian home, with huge large arched windows providing enough natural light for the whole 70-cover restaurant.

The restaurant will be serving up an innovative menu overseen by Virgilio Martinez and head chef Robert Ortiz, featuring some of Lima’s most popular dishes alongside a few new delights.

Scallops with chia ceviche is a refreshing starter, whilst kohlrabi and quinoa tiradito is the perfect veggie feast. An exclusive Amazonian fish dish not to be found in any supermarkets will be served with warm causa, a kind of Peruvian potato cake filled with delicious fresh ingredients.

The Piqueo Bar is focused more around small sharing plates, which LIMA Floral has playfully described as Peruvian tapas. Enjoy small plates of grouper with rocoto tiger’s milk ceviche and a tuna tiradito with seared aubergine with a tangy Pisco Sour, Peru’s national drink that’s just one of the tongue-tingling refreshments on offer on LIMA Floral’s extensive cocktail menu.

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