Le Creuset World Cuisine Range


Mighty Spice Kitchen puts the new Le Creuset World Cuisine Range through its paces and pairs each piece with some of our favourite recipes.

We have tried and tested the new World Cuisine range from Le Creuset to give you tips and suggestions to get the most out of the outstanding cookware range.

The World Cuisine collection features 8 new pieces from some of the most popular world cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish and Moroccan. Each is available in cast iron cookware and oven-to-table Stoneware. The finish is outstanding and they hold their heat beautifully. We predict this will be a massive hit with the cooking community.

They come in at a high price point, but like everything Le Creuset put their name to, these are all investment pieces that are built to last. They have many more uses than their country specific title so you can really play around with them and get creative.

What to See

balti dishIndian

A fantastic balti dish with handles that is similar to the North Indian Karahi pan. It has a great weight and comes in two sizes. This pan is perfect for cranking up the heat to brown your onions and meat, before reducing the heat to low to cook slowly for a wonderful finished dish.

Try – South Indian Chicken curry with mustard seeds and coconut

Buy – Cast Iron Balti Dish from £80 Le Creuset


condiment potsCondiments

A cute little condiment pot, complete with little spoon that is perfect for filling with pickles, Mexican salsas and Chinese dipping sauces.

Try – spicy, tangy lime pickle 

Buy – Stoneware condiment pot £18.50 Le Creuset



A fabulous wok with handles and a really solid lid. This is great for stir-frying, especially as they are built to take on the heat, steaming and braising. They are 32cm so you will be able to cook for the masses without any hassle.

Try – Beef Stir Fry with Chilli and Mint

Buy – Cast Iron wok with lid £145 Le Creuset 

sizzle platterMexican

An amazing 31x25cm flat surfaced griddle pan that screams for red onions, peppers and some juicy steak, seasoned up and cooked until golden for a rocking fajita supper. It will take a really high heat, cleans easily and lasts for years – this is a fantastic pan.

Try – Beef Fajitas

Buy – Cast Iron Oval Sizzle Platter £80 Le Creuset



This classic morocco tagine has a large cast iron base that is perfect for browning off meat at a high heat and is deep enough to top-up with spices and water for the sauce. The conical lid keeps the steam in and looks amazing.

Try – Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and juicy olives

Buy – Cast Iron tagine £139 John Lewis


tapas dishesSpanish Tapas

With shard plates being all the rage, these beautiful little dishes are fantastic for cooking smaller dishes like baked eggs or chorizo and prawns in the oven.

Try – Baked eggs with chorizo and peppers

Buy – Stoneware Tapas Dishes £14 John Lewis



A huge shallow pan that is great for classic paellas, huge tortillas and even roast chicken, covered in paprika and nestled on a bed of lentils. The pan will stretch far beyond Spanish cooking so you can rest assured you will get lots out of it.

Try – Seafood paella with saffron, prawns and squid

Buy – Paella Pan £ 140 from Le Creuset


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