Le Chalet at Selfridges

le chalet

There’s a snowfall forecast at Selfridges this winter with new rooftop pop up Le Chalet.

Check out Des McDonald’s epic BBQ restaurant Q Grill.

le chaletFollowing on from the roaringly successful ‘Q on the Roof’ residency with Des McDonald and his exemplary BBQ restaurant Q Grill, the rooftop space at Selfridges is getting a chilly makeover, as it’s transformed for the winter into Le Chalet.

With sky high views of the city, Le Chalet is the ultimate winter’s retreat. An Alpine log cabin and fairy light clad wintry ferns set the snowy scene in style, with cosy tables and chairs adorned with snuggly blankets on hand to keep you toasty.

Des and his team have centred the menu around Alpine inspired BBQ influenced by the smoky grill at Q, with a crab and shellfish bar providing fresh seafood and all other ingredients being locally sourced and of course seasonal.

We started with a baked raclette, a pungent Swiss cheese baked for a fondue effect, served with pickles and breasola, and a smooth, bright orange hummus with charred flatbreads.

For mains came a crunchy coated, uber juicy buttermilk chicken schnitzel served with a strong blue cheese screaming out for a dipping.

We also tried the spit roasted pork, a huge round of tender meat topped with crunchy crackling, sour sweet apple sauce and a decadent black pudding fritter.

This was all washed down with a chestnut julep, made with sweet chestnut liquer and a smoky bourbon, as we sat beneath our blankets and tried to ignore the rain pounding against the windows. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Le Chalet – The Roof, Selfridges, 400 Oxford St, London, W1A 1AB

For more information visit q-grill.co.uk

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