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lanes of london

We headed down to Lanes of London, the West End restaurant epitomising British cuisine.

lanes of londonWhen I say to you the word ‘crossroad’ you probably think of some road junction or a ’90s pop song, definitely not a restaurant, right? Introducing Lanes of London, the new West End hot spot redefining British cuisine by serving up dishes influenced from four of the London food scene’s most influential streets.

Covering Indian dishes from Brick Lane, Middle Eastern cuisine from Edgware Road, Vietnamese plates inspired by Kingsland Road, the eclectic café culture of Portobello road and some classic British dishes thrown in for good measure Lanes of London encourages guests to choose two plates each and share.

The spacious bar decked out with butter soft leather seats also plays on this crossroad idea, designing their cocktails with each of these famous streets in mind. We started with an apple punch from Portobello Road, a sparkling number with a hint of cinnamon that was a very promising insight into what was in store for the rest of the evening.

We tried to pick dishes from each road, but I must admit there were some that leapt off the page immediately. First came the beef brisket sliders from Portobello Road, pocket sized sandwiches loaded with tender pulled apart beef, a crunchy horseradish sauce and a decadent side of roasted bone marrow. This amazing course was undoubtedly my favourite, with its intense meatiness and fantastic luxurious feel.

Next came a paneer pakora from Brick Lane, which had the quintessential crispy coating and soft middle. The accompanying herby relish brought this whole dish together, as it had a wonderful tang that complimented the salty cheese perfectly. Then there was soft shell crab from the British classics, which had a wonderful crispy batter and sweet crab flavour. The accompanying apple salad was fresh and delicious, but I found myself craving some kind of heat, like fresh chilli or a grating of ginger.

The lamb kafta meshwi with a smoky aubergine purée came from the Edgware Road menu, and had a wonderful charred exterior, but the highlight was undoubtedly the purée, which was so smoky it had a bbq flavour that was simply wonderful, I only wish there was some accompanying flatbread to mop up every last drop. For our final savoury dish we had the Portobello Road Scotch egg, which had a beautiful oozing yolk and delicious crunchy crumb. The textures were insanely good, and the accompanying house made piccalilli gave this classic British dish a vinegary edge that was just spectacular.

From the dessert menu, presented on a quirky postcard that Lanes will send for you (for free!) we chose the chocolate tart and the ginger cake. The chocolate tart was rich and decadent, with a perfect crisp pastry and mirror like top. The ginger cake was warming and moist with a treacly flavour that matched the heat very well. We love Lanes of London!

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