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La Tagliata | 11 Sandys Row London | Italian Restaurant

Joel Porter fell for the simple Italain menu at La Tagliata

For all the excitement over the newest restaurant and the hottest food trend, sometimes it’s nice just to keep things simple – and no one does good, simple food better than the Italians.

At La Tagliata, which opened last year just off Spitalfields, the menu is simple even by Italian standards, with only a handful of dishes on offer.

The only starter is freshly made tagliatelle served with a choice of three sauces: pesto, tomato or ragu. The little nest of pasta is superb, tasting properly home-made and both the pesto and ragu sauces we tried were richly flavoured, transporting us to sunny Italy for just a moment on a cold January night!

The centrepiece of the whole restaurant concept is the main course of La Tagliata – thin slices of sirloin steak served on a bed of rocket, parmesan, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic reduction.

The beef was cooked a perfect medium rare and packed full of flavour – when it tastes this good you don’t need a great deal to go with it, but the crispy Italian-style roast potatoes were the perfect accompaniment.

Despite the restaurant revolving around this meat dish, vegetarians needn’t fear as there is an incredible oven-baked Scamorza (mature mozzarella), stuffed with porcini mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and truffle paste.

Two famous Italian puddings make up the dessert menu – pannacotta and tiramisu – which were both spot on examples of how to do these classic puds.

You know exactly what you’re getting when you visit La Tagliata and there is something quite refreshing about that. The back page of the menu has a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” What La Tagliata does, it does very well indeed – and who are we to argue with Leo?

La Tagliata 11 Sandy’s Row London E1 7HW

Joel Porter is a London based food writer and PR. He is tweeting @joelwporter

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