In The Know with Tony Kitous

In The Know – travel notes from our favourite chefs.

Tony Kitous is the owner of the Comptoir Libanais chain of Lebanese restaurants in London his cookbook Comptoir Libanais is out now on Amazon
  • What is your favourite city right now? Beirut
  • Why do you love it? The lifestyle, the most delicious fresh food – all this reminds me of my childhood.
  • Where do you refuel in the morning? At my friend’s parents’ house. His mother bakes the best bread.
  • Tell us a hidden gem? A place in Beirut with outdoor terrace –amazing Lebanese food called Falamanki.
  • Where is the best market? A weekly organic farmers market called Souk el Tayeb.
  • Top street-food eat? Lamb and yogurt sauce shawarama.
  • Best place for a sunset drink? The Albergo Hotel, a cute boutique hotel in Beirut and head to the roof terrace.
  • What restaurant do you book every time? Em-Sherif – I love their baked aubergine with a light yogurt and tahini dip.
  • Best spot for something sweet? A small family sweet shop in downtown Beirut called Hallabi.
  • What gadget won’t you leave home without?  My BlackBerry and my iPhone.
tony kitous

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