In the Know with Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan

In The Know – travel notes from our favourite chefs.

TV chef Donal Skehan is back with a new book and TV series Homecooked, where he will be showing us how to make his favourite, simple home cooked food. 
  • What is your favourite city right now? Hanoi.
  • Why do you love it? The sights, the sounds, the smells and of course the food!  
  • Where do you refuel in the morning? Breakfast has to be a hot soup of Beef Pho from a street food stall.
  • Tell us a hidden gem? I discovered this wonderful little kitchen serving Bun Cha on the corner the main food market in Hanoi. All the food was cooked by a family in the smallest kitchen you can imagine, served with beer from their own taps!
  • Where is the best market? We loved the markets in the mountains of Sapa, in the North of Vietnam.
  • Top street-food eat? Bun Cha, a combination of broth served with charred fatty pork skewers, white rice noodles, and piles of herbs. All in all a total feast of Vietnamese flavours.
  • Best place for a sunset drink? On streets with a cold beer and the classic vietnamese accompaniment dried salted squid, which is charred over little fires and then bashed until flat.  It is then shredded and served in newspaper with a spicy chilli sauce.
  • What restaurant do you book every time? I didn’t, the streetfood was far too good.
  • Best spot for something sweet? The sweet food in Vietnam is slightly odd, lots of coconut and tapioca balls that have such a strange consistency.
  • What gadget won’t you leave home without?  My camera, a canon 5D, I couldn’t travel without it.
Donal Skehan

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