Best Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadgets

Food should always be fun and fuss-free and with the number of weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets on the market nowadays it really can be!
Here are a few gadget suggestions for you to make life a little bit easier and to make cooking a bit more fun. Enjoy!

What to See

kitchen gadgetsCarrot Peeler

Have you ever thought, ‘blast, I wish there was a way to sharpen my carrots to near-dangerous points of sharpness!’? Well, worry no more! With the Karoto Peeler, you can peel carrots and turnips to as sharp a point as you like! (And create rockin’ garnishing, salads and other jazzy stuff with the peelings… actually, that’s really what this is for.)


kitchen gadgetsPotato Masher

Mash, smash and bash in a flash with Uutensil’s rather snazzy potato masher. Easy to clean, effortless to use and hilariously named, the Spudnik makes light work of tatties with fluffy, creamy results.


kitchen gadgetsRice Cube

The Rice Cube is anything but square (pause for tumbleweed). It can shape rice into cubes without the use of vinegars or oils, making it a healthier way to create interesting, eye-catching sushi. Definitely one to impress the neighbours with, although don’t go over the top, making ALL THE FOOD square treads a thin line between edgy and mad.


kitchen gadgetsCupcake Maker

Everyone loves cupcakes, so it stands to reason that you’d love to make your own. However, the reality of burnt outsides, raw insides and the inevitable disparity between expectation and reality is pretty rubbish. With this cupcake maker, at least you’ve got a fighting chance of getting it right. By regulating the temperature and time of cooking you’ll only have to follow one of the many recipes that come with the appliance to be sure of 6 delicious cupcakes in no time at all!


kitchen gadgetsTea Infusers

These gorgeous little Tea Infusers will float in your mug and gently brew your cup with any loose leaves you should choose to fill them with. As gimmicks go, this one is pretty ruddy useful.

£2 Ikea

kitchen gadgetsScooner

It’s pretty difficult not to gush about the Scooner. It’s a foodie’s dream. Dual purpose spatula and scooper, it’s a mighty instrument in the kitchen, a washing-up minimiser and a rather cool-looking tool to behold. Take a look at what it can do on youtube.



kitchen gadgetsHeston Blumenthal Precision Adjustable Rolling Pin

With adjustable depth guides to roll at 3, 5 and 8mm, Heston’s adjustable rolling pin is the don of baking gadgets. Uneven biscuits? Forget about it.

£21.99 Amazon

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