Karma Cola

karma cola

For fizzy drinks that taste good and do good check out Karma Cola and their new range of delicious drinks.

Add a little fizz to your life with this delicious Royal Gin Fizz recipe. 

For refreshment at its karmic finest look no further than Karma Cola, as they launch three new delicious fizzy drinks in mouth-watering flavours, all using organic and Fairtrade ingredients.

Alongside the namesake bottle Karma Cola (made from real Kola nut) they’ve also got the tangy Gingerella Ginger Ale and the sharp citrus pick-me-up Lemmy Lemonade.

All three of these tongue-tingling drinks are created using responsibly sourced ingredients that have fantastic natural flavour, so no need for any nasty colorants or chemicals in these bad-boys!

These awesome drinks also happen to come in some of the coolest packaging around, with funky artwork on each vintage style bottle making Karma Cola as stylish as it is tasty.

As the name suggests all the Karma Cola drinks give back to the suppliers behind them; the Cola sales go to the people of Boma and Naiahun to invest in community projects, Gingerella supports ginger growers and Lemmy helps sugar farmers in Paraguay to improve their livelihoods.

For more information visit karmacola.co.uk

karma cola

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