Kankun Sauces

kankun sauces

The tongue tingling authentic Mexican sauces from Kankun Sauces have just become available to buy in Whole Foods Market.

Add a little Mexican to your mealtime with Thomasina Miers amazing prawn tostadas recipe.

For a taste of Mexico without the air miles Kankun sauces are the people to see. They’re rolling out their sauces to Whole Food Market, specialisers in products that are as good for you as they are tasty.

Kankun’s five delicious sauces are the best hot sauces outside of Mexico City, as their secret recipes have been passed down through generations of the Cardenas family, resulting in unbeatable authentic flavour.

Rolando Cardenas is the man responsible for these bottled beauties, as he’s taken all he learnt from his grandma, aunties and mama and put it to good use in his family kitchen.

They’ve got two chipotle sauces in hot and mild, one delicious marinade perfect for spicy slow cooking, a tangy jalapeno sauce and a zesty habanero sauce for a fiery alternative to ketchup.

For more information visit kankunsauce.com

kankun sauces

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