Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar

Kanada-Ya-London ramen bar

Tuck into a steaming hot bowl of authentic ramen at Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar London

kanada-ya ramen bar londonMade slowly by washing the pork bones before cooking to ensure a clean taste and appearance, Kanada-Ya Ramen bar will be dishing out different types of ramen, including a moyashi ramen and their chashu ramen that uses unctuous chashu pork collar.

Noodles are made in house using a special machine imported from Japan that guarantees a bouncy, firm noodle, which can soak up all their brilliant broths.

Get in there early and enjoy 50% your entire bill for their soft launch on 27th August – simply sign up to their website.

Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar, St Giles High Street – opening August 27th

For more information visit kanada-ya.com

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