Juniper Journey at Worship Street Whistling Shop

tristan stephenson

We wind back the clock at a Victorian gin emporium with a Tanqueray Juniper Journey at the Worship Street Whistling Shop.

We entered into the underground gin den with an excited heart as the candle lit tables and Victorian curiosities of the Worship Street Whistling Stop came into dim focus. We’re here to take a Juniper Journey with renowned, eccentric mixologist Tristan Stephenson and we don’t know quite what to expect.

We’re ushered into the small Dram Shop a sort of cordoned off room within a room that is dominated by a rolltop bath filled with an old fashioned drinks trolley. Tristan explains the history of Charles Tanqueray, an inventor and alchemist who worked on many recipes from gin to a boot polish that Tristan has now recreated in his on-site lab (which we are able to sample from the shoe shiner on hand).

juniper journey

Tristan has been lucky enough to get his experimenting hands on the original recipe for a number of Tanqueray’s concoctions, including a liqueur, which we sample first. Made in Tristan’s lab, the liqueur is full of heady spices of clove, cinnamon and caraway and is quite sweet, but it would be perfect for a festive season tipple. We then move on to a classic martini made with Tanqueray and vermouth and Tristan imparts his expert tips on the perfect stirred martini, chilled to perfection and given the smallest whisper of a lemon twist. This is followed by the martini’s precursor, the martinez, which Tristan makes with a Tanqueray recipe vermouth he has infused and fortified himself, which is wetter (more vermouth) and has real complexity of flavour.

We leave in a gin haze and find that we’ve gained knowledge we’d like to use at home. And yes, we will be reinstating the cocktail hour Mad Men-style at the Eat Travel Live office stirring up a killer martini.

Juniper Journeys at the Worship Street Whistling Stop will be available from 12 November every Tuesday until 3 December. Tickets cost £15 available from YPlan.

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