Joyeux Bordel bar

Joyeux Bordel | 147 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE

Joyeux Bordel is bobo chic. It’s chi-chi boozy. Direct from the sultry streets of Paris, this boudoir bar is where indulgence  meets elegance.

Off the street and down the stairs, an ornate bar opens up to velvet seats, low lighting and antique mirrors. It’s what you’d expect from the French, and that little bit more.

Hardly newbies in the game, the guys behind this ‘jolly mess’ are none other than the Experimental Cocktail Club guys. Channeling the same passion and expertise, down in this Parisian speakeasy decadence meets debauchery.

Not surprising then, these rumours of after-dark dalliance. They’re a little bit sexy and a little bit seductive. Within the dance area of dark tones, we’ve heard whispers of patrons dancing to afro, soul and disco – on and around tabletops. And when the bar turns into a club – you’ll know. You’ll feel the energy in the air. Laced with lust and fused with alcohol.

While their libations are most certainly potent, there is certain artistic sensibility to their finely crafted cocktails. A short but passionate menu includes a Black Beard to a Softly Softly. But don’t let the name fool you, a concoction of gin, suze and chilli will surely get you dancing. If it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong.

Any requests? Manager Josh is always on hand to prepare something a little more bespoke. And before you think this night is quickly spiraling out of control, a selection of deli delights come to your rescue. Small, moorish plates of charcuterie, rillette and local cheese goodness cleanse the palate/line the stomach.

Fancy a quick trip to Paris, this weekend?

Joyeux Bordel – 147 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE

Words Jasmine Phull a writer by day, an imbiber by night, sipping sours at the bar is all in a day’s work for our resident bar reviewer and travel writer @f_reshprince

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