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joseph joseph

Meet the brothers behind Joseph Joseph, the kitchenware brand known for its stylish and space-saving innovation.  

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The brand Joseph Joseph has become synonymous with brightly coloured, design-savvy kitchenware, with its unique stacking quality that’s in tune with modern cooking and tighter kitchen spaces. This year the brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary since the two twin brothers Antony and Richard launched their innovative first range. Utilising the best of their individual strengths, Antony had studied design at Central St Martins and Richard studied business at Cambridge University. “We kind of fell into kitchenware as we already had a family business manufacturing glass. Our father asked Ant to design a contemporary glass chopping board range and I did the sales. It was a combination of both of our skills, and as we’re twins it wasn’t too hard spending so much time together,” explains Richard.

The brand’s items are instantly recognisable with a strong visual identity as well as being loved by cooks for easy usability. “For us, good design is marrying functionality and aesthetics – we always try to solve a problem first, the colour and the style, although important are always secondary to this.” Joseph Joseph take a unique approach to their design of cookware as Richard puts it “we try to solve problems that people didn’t realise were problems in the first place.”

joseph joseph

With the kitchen firmly taken care of the Joseph Joseph duo are tackling other homeware conundrums. “We have been focusing on other areas of the house, rather than just cooking, last year saw an expansion of our cleaning and organisation range which has been very popular! We have a few projects in the pipeline, but I’m afraid we’ll have to keep our lips sealed for now,” says Richard. We can’t wait to see what this creative and stylish brand has in store to make everyday living that little bit more special.

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