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Spice up your kitchen with the new Joseph Joseph SpiceStore carousel.
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With slick glass storage jars that neatly stack together on top of a turning carrousel, the new Joseph Joseph SpiceStore is a design classic and a must-have kitchen gadget.

The compact unit can hold 10 different spices, with 2 of the jars larger in size for the likes of cinnamon sticks and smoky dry chillies.

The remaining 8 jars are perfect for filling up with the rest of your spices. I put in my classic Indian mix of turmeric, ground cumin, cumin seeds, ground coriander, garam masala, chilli powder, sea salt, and my bright green cardamom pods in the remaining Jar.

The turning carrousel is perfect if you put the SpiceStore into a cupboard and need to get hold of one of the spices on the other side.  But we think it’s way too good looking to be tucked away and should be given pride of place on your kitchen counter!

SpiceStore Carousel £45 Joseph Joseph

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joseph joseph

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